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    “Steps to Following the Louisiana Eviction Notice Procedures”

    Renting a house can always include some difficult situations that will cause tension between landlords and tenants. Unfortunately, one of these brilliant situations may be the act of evicting a tenant. You will find specific legalities that have to be followed to ensure the eviction process goes smoothly. In Louisiana, it’s vital to learn the laws and regulations surrounding eviction notices. With this in mind, this information aims to educate landlords and tenants on the legalities of louisiana evictions.By understanding these basics, you are able to avoid potential conflicts and make informed decisions.

    Under Louisiana Law, the landlord needs to provide a written notice for eviction to the tenant. This notice can include why they’re being evicted, the date of eviction, and the mandatory steps to conform to the lease agreements. The tenant must certanly be given a 10-day notice if they violate the lease agreement – this will include, for example, non-payment of rent or damages to the property. However, if the tenant’s conduct poses a sudden danger to the landlord or other tenants, then only a 5-day notice is mandatory.

    It’s essential to see that the landlord must give you the tenant with a ‘Demand for Rent’ notice. This demand will claim that the tenant has breached the lease agreement by not paying rent and that the landlord wants to terminate the lease. The tenant has five days to cover the requested revenue ahead of the eviction process can proceed. If the tenant pays the rent within the five-day period, then the eviction notice becomes void.

    As it pertains to the eviction date, the tenant must vacate the rental property by the specified date and time in the notice. If the tenants won’t leave the property, then the landlord must head to court, where they are able to file a failure to vacate petition. Here, a judge will consider the eviction case and make one last verdict of eviction or non-eviction. It’s vital to note that the court may award payment for rent arrears and damages if the landlord wins the ruling.


    To conclude, understanding the legalities of Louisiana eviction notices is critical for smooth rental property management. Landlords must provide written notice of eviction to tenants, including the explanation for eviction, date and time of eviction and the mandatory steps for the tenants to abide by lease agreements. Tenants must get a ‘Demand for Rent’ notice and five days to produce payment ahead of the eviction process can proceed. By following these legalities, landlords and tenants can avoid potential conflicts and make informed decisions inside their rental properties.

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