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    Vacuum hoses are separated into industrial vacuum hoses and household vacuuming hoses. Different floor cleaners are very different, as well as the material from the hose can also be different.

    Industrial vacuum hose

    In industrial production, many factory use industrial vacuum cleaner hoses to absorb waste and debris from workshops. Therefore, the 1st condition for industrial carpet cleaner hoses is wear resistance. Among all plastic hoses, PU material is probably the most wear-resistant. Therefore, most industrial hoover hoses use PU telescopic tubes.

    Household vacuum hose

    For household vacuums, it will just suck up some dust. Regardless of whether there exists one particle, it is very small. Therefore, there is no need to work with very wear-resistant materials for household vacuums. Presently, household vacuum hoses are EVA material, because this material is very light. As well as the dust pipe manufactured from EVA material, there’s also a PE material, but PE will likely be heavier than EVA. There’s also some hoover hoses designed to use PVC material.

    In short, the economic vacuum hose is PU material, and the household vacuum hose is EVA material. Naturally, that is only a general-purpose vacuum cleaner. If many are non-standard or found in a particular industry, the standard of the vacuum manufacturer must take because standard.

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