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    China Agriculture Non Woven Fabric As the population grows, people’s demand for food resources continues to increase, but land resources are becoming more and more scarce. At this time, the help of Non Woven Weed control mat is needed. However, for long-term development, if ordinary agricultural film is used, it cannot be degraded naturally, it will cause serious harm to land resources and cause adverse effects such as hardening of the land. Therefore, in the future market development, ordinary agricultural film will gradually be replaced by new weed control mat.
    Synwin Non Woven Weed control mat is made of High quality 100% Virgin Polypropylene raw material. Timely exclusion of ground water keeps the ground clean. Rapid drainage of surface water together with the pebble layer and sand layer under the ground cloth can effectively inhibit the reverse osmosis of soil particles.
    Product Specifications:
    Non Woven Weed control mat
    Weight40gsm~150gsm or customized
    Material100% Virgin Polypropylene
    ColorBlack or customized
    CertificateSGS, IKEA, Oeko-tex 100,UV test
    FeatureEco-friendly,Waterproof, better air/water permeability, high strength,good uniformity
    OptionalHydrophilic, UV treated, Reusable, Air permeable, Biodegradable
    PackingRoll or pieces packing according to your demands, with SYNWIN or customized label.
    Payment TermT/T, L/C
    OEM & ODMAvailable
    1. Effectively inhibit weed growth
    2. Heat preservation, moisture retention and fertilizer retention
    3. Promote soil loosening and improve soil aggregate structure
    4. Environmentally friendly degradable
    5. Prevention and mitigation of diseases and pests
    6. Due to the good water permeability of the ground cloth, water and fertilizer can well penetrate into the soil, effectively reducing artificial pollution
    Product Image
    Synwin Non Woven Weed control mat has many benefits such as ventilation, temperature increase, no-tillage, fertilizer increase,
    prevention and reduction of pests and diseases, etc.
    It can improve the survival rate of young crops, accelerate growth, facilitate flowering and fruit quality, and improve fruit quality.
    It also has economic effects such as saving water, electricity, labor, fertilizer, and pest control costs.
    How to use the non woven weed control mat
    Things to prepare ———
    Step1. Leveling the construction site ————

    When constructing Non Woven Weed control
    mat, if the ground is rugged or too soft, it will
    affect the use effect.
    Remove big rocks, if the ground is not level,
    please add sand and level it.
    Carefully remove the weeds that have grown.

    Step2. Lay a Non Woven Weed control mat ————

    Spread the non woven weed control mat so that it covers the entire surface according to the shape of the garden.
    Place the weed-proof sheet in the first row as a roll and lay it while rolling.
    In addition, it is a good idea to drive stake into the beginning of the laying so that it does not shift.
    Lay the second and subsequent sheets in the same way.
    Fix it to the part where the sheets overlap with a stake at intervals of 1 m as a guide.
    If there is a small space such as an approach, lay a small piece , and drive the stakes with the hammer to fix it
    If there are obstacles such as manholes (drainage mass lids), stepping stones,
    and outdoor units, lay the non woven weed control mat over the obstacles,
    check the position, mark it, and then cut it out with scissors. For round things
    like manholes, it’s OK if you make radial cuts from the center to the outside.Generally, gravel or artificial turf is laid on the non woven weed control
    mat, and then the protruding part is cut to finish the garden.
    When laying artificial turf, the weed-proof sheet also serves as a base,
    so construction can be done smoothly.
    Attention : To prevent weeds growing from the gaps
    If the weed-proof sheets are laid side by side without
    overlapping, sunlight may enter through the gaps in the
    seams and weeds may grow. By laying the seams on top
    of each other by 10 cm or more , the light blocking effect
    is improved and weeds can be prevented from growing.
    In addition, the thick fibrous non-woven fabric type weed
    control mat used this time has the strength that weeds do
    not easily spread between the fibers and weeds do not
    penetrate from the soil, and there is no concern that
    weeds will grow.
    When laying artificial turf etc. for finishing,
    leave a margin (cut) of about 5 to 10 cm at the
    end to prevent the sheet from being pulled and
    leaving a gap during construction. By laying
    artificial turf and then cutting and finishing it, you
    can firmly cover the edges with a weed-proof sheet.
    Regardless of the length of the artificial turf, it is
    recommended to leave at least 20 to 30 mm.
    Packaging,Workshop and Loading

    1) What’s the applications of Non Woven Weed control mat?
    Planting of vegetables, fruits, medicinal materials and all other applications requiring weeding
    2) What the Methods and precautions of Non Woven Weed control mat?
    When laying the cloth, pay attention to the leveling, and fix both sides with ground nails or stones and soil to prevent the displacement of the cloth caused by strong wind.China Agriculture Non Woven Fabric

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