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    Hex Screw suppliers Description
    Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw has many advantages:
    1. It can bear larger loads: it has six force-bearing surfaces, which is more resistant to screwing than flat-head screws and cross-shaped screws with only two surfaces.
    2. It can be countersunk in use: that is, the whole nut is sunk into the workpiece, which can keep the surface of the workpiece smooth and beautiful.
    3. Easy installation: Compared with the outer hexagon screws, the inner hexagon is suitable for more decoration occasions, especially in narrow occasions. It is easy to install and maintain, and easy to adjust.
    4. It is not easy to disassemble: the tools we usually use are wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., and special wrenches must be used to disassemble the hexagon socket bolts. Therefore, it is not easy for ordinary people to disassemble.
    Don’t underestimate the Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw, its importance cannot be ignored. Just imagine what an accident it would be if the screws on an airplane came loose. The product has a wide range of applications in many industries, ranging from hardware, electronic and electrical products, mechanical equipment products, to automobiles, ships, and airplanes. In short, socket head cap screws are mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, electrical, electric power, chemical industry, water conservancy, mechanical equipment, furniture and other fields.
    Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
    A: We are a professional hardware and fastener manufacturer. We trade our products directly with our customers.
    Q: How many different types of products does your company produce?
    A: We mainly manufacture non-standard bolts and have developed thousands of products. We have a strong design advantage, just give us the actual product drawing you want or your idea, and we will make it for you.
    Q: When can I get the price?
    A: Usually we will quote within 8 hours after receiving your inquiry.
    Q: What is your MOQ?
    A: If we have products in stock, there is no MOQ. If we need to produce, we can discuss MOQ according to customer’s specific situation.Hex Screw suppliers

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